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The Arthur E. and Cornelia C. Scroggins Foundation Fund

Grant applications for the Arthur and Cornelia Scroggins Foundation Fund will be open from October 1, 2019.

The Scroggins Foundation Fund is particularly interested in programs and projects serving youth.

Guidelines and Criteria:

  • Primary consideration will be given to agencies in Ford and Gray Counties in  Kansas.

  • Grants are limited to charitable and educational organizations serving the communities where the Community Foundation operates. Recipients must be exempts from federal taxes under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code or city and county government agencies.

  • State or national organizations seeking grants should address how the grant will benefit or be used in Ford or Gray Counties.

  • The Community Foundation will consider grants for operating expenses and/or program support.

  • One grant request per organization per year will be giving consideration from the Scroggins Fund. Your organization is still eligible for CFSK�s open grants available from September 1, to October 1. Please avoid summiting duplicate grant requests.

  • An award of a grant does not necessarily indicated or guarantee future grant support.

  • Generally, fundraising events or capital campaigns will not be supported.

  • Support will not be provided for: individuals, political parties, political organizations, labor organizations, fraternal organizations, or athletic organizations except for specific projects that benefit the broad community as a whole.

 Many worthwhile projects throughout Southwest Kansas are provided grants through the Community Foundation.  Please contact us for more information regarding grants.

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